let's Make Teaching More Effective


We at SI create Intractive Classrooms with Audio Visual Learning empowers teacher to deliver in thier best


SI Smart Education tools enhances the scope of teaching through a variety of educational tools avaible to teacher


The need for Extra classes & Problem Solving Sessions are now an old fashioned tradition

Simplest And Most Innovative Form Of Teaching

The Books, The Notes, The Content, The Tests, The Papers, the Exercises are now arranged in a easiest accessable way i.e. the SI way. Teachers can opt for SI way of teaching within a single day of prectice.

SI Smart Classes aka The Future Of Classrooms

At SI we say that Innovation is in our DNA. We have manufacturing units for all hardwares used in our SI Smart Classrooms, it may be Tablets, Projectors and even the Software and Operating system is also inhouse.

SI Classrooms are by far the most cost effective classrom solutions across the Globe. The cost of installation and maintenance our most innovative and latest technology is even cheaper than maintaining a peon

SI classroom can be erected in a weeks time. We can start operating smart classes withing a week, as there is no change whatsoever in the process and way of teaching. We have developed a system that will use technolgy to inhance the conventional way of teaching this means ther is not much of training to be imparted to teachers

SI Student Tablets Makes Studying More Fascinating


SI Education Tablets are built on most innovative technology. Fast track your multi-tasking which lets you work seamless across applications. Spectacularly fast GPU for super smooth performance.


Introducing the stunning and svelte SI Educational Tablet. This ergonomically designed device has been fused with extraordinary technology that fits perfectly in your hand. We promise you a plush blend of style and technical brilliance.


SI Educational Tablet is designed and most suited for e-learning. It's build on a customised Operating System and gives a prevledge to the schools and institution to have a centrally controlled system for proper monitoring and quality education delivery. It also gives a prevledge of locking the device as giving user the access as per the norms of School/Institution.


SI Educational Tablet comes with a IPS HD screen packed with the astonishing resolution optimum for reading for long hours. With cutting-edge technology it makes reading and video viewing at all angles, we bet, you haven't seen better! In other words it is brilliance personified. It is bundeled with High Quality Battery for non-stop working for 5-7 Hours and 7 days of standby time.

Our Sucsess Story Video

Let's Hear From Students about their experiences with SI Education Tools

Using Talet for my studies have helped me alot. The Voice Notes are amazing for remembering everything without typing.

Pathak Pulkit

I am really happy with the simplest education tablet where everything is like my notebook. It's a good feeling as all books are in one device.

Aman Sharma

The Best thing about this is everything related to my studies is on tablet, so I don't have to go anywhere

Aditi Jadhao

Use Of Si Tablet have really increased my pace of studies and I have increased my rank in class and in tests also.

Pulkit Mittal

Tablet based learning is nothing new but the SI way of using it is just too good. I really like the way it helps just to make notes for fast revision.


I really recommend SI tablet as the way I have improved my performace after using is really impeccable.

sachin sharma

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